September thoughts

I am 6 days in to my 12th year of teaching.  Fresh starts like this always make me a little bit reflective, and as I look back at the past 12 (13 including teachers college) years, there is much to think about.  I will start with where I am at with teaching – currently I am teaching 3 sections of communications technology, and I will have 2 more next semester and a computer technology class.  All of this and I came out of teachers college qualified to teach Biology grades 7-12.  Those who know me best, know that both my interests and experiences are broad. Over the past 11 years, I have picked up a few additional qualifications and one of them is communications technology, so I am happy with the position I am in.  I think I will continue to acquire qualifications over at least the next couple years, and I will share those with you in time!

My house is going quite well. Over this summer, I have completed a couple of projects on the house, mainly : Removing an old bedroom that was constructed in the basement, and installing an interlocking stone patio at the back of the house.  I have also started a shed project, and I will be creating an entire page dedicated to it.

So, until then, this is one of my longer blog posts in the last 10 years, so that’s a good start!